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When flooding happens it’s important to get the best help in remediation from a company with Sacramento water damage certification. Not every contractor out there has the licensing and training to provide the very best care and the highest chance of complete recovery to homeowners. What does water damage certification guarantee? Quality processes for remediation, high-grade equipment and cleaning solutions and a level of service that Sacramento homeowners can count on for complete satisfaction. Our team at First Choice Restoration is trained and certified to handle home remediation, water damage, flooding restoration, and mold remediation.

Services Provided by First Choice Restoration

Our team is available 24 hours a day to provide support for complete remediation after flooding has occurred. An immediate response is the best way to guarantee a full recovery after a disaster, and our immediate responders are trained to assess the damage and determine the right process for complete restoration. After the course of restoration is determined our First Choice team will carefully begin water damage packing services. We remove all property from the areas with standing water. Our team will catalog and package everything safely so that it’ll be ready for you when it’s fully cleaned up.

Next, we will help pump out the standing water and start ventilation of the space. This can be difficult in basement spaces so we’ll also bring in high-powered pumps, vacuums, and fans. Once these are in place cleaning begins. The walls, carpet, ceilings and entire space that has been contaminated is entirely sterilized and cleaned from the debris of the accident. This is a simple enough process with our trained team members. Finally, a technician who has the training in water damage certification will inspect your home and determine if any full repairs are needed. At this time, your home will also be inspected for mold. Prevention of mold infestation includes removal of all moisture and careful maintenance of areas where moisture might collect.

For those in Sacramento who need flood or mold remediation count our First Choice Restoration team of professionals with water damage certification from the IICRC.