Clients Testimonials

“I was feeling nauseous and there was a strange smell coming from the wall above my bed. I asked my landlord to come and take a look at the problem as I also noticed the wall was wet to the touch. He brought around a Mold Assessor from First Choice Restoration in Sacramento who tested and diagnosed the wall as being infested with a nasty type of black mold that was very bad for my health. It seems that a leaky gutter pipe had led to water damage, which led to mold slowly but surely growing on my bedroom wall! My landlord arranged for me to be rehoused temporarily while the team from First Choice Restoration treated, removed and cleaned the mold away. I moved back in yesterday and wanted to thank you for doing such a great job!”

Emily Catterwell

“Thank you to the hardworking of water damage removal experts at First Choice Restoration in Sacramento for pumping the hundreds of gallons of water from our basement last week after the old boiler gave up. I didn’t think it was possible, but they managed it and everything is totally dry again.”

Stuart McKinley

“I’ve had a mold problem before, but it was just a “garden variety” household mold that you can handle with bleach and a scrubbing brush. The kind that recently featured prominently on the bathroom ceiling looked very different and I was concerned, especially as my youngest daughter has asthma. I called First Choice Restoration who were able to come over and assess the mold as being a toxic strain of black mold that needed immediate treatment and removal. I was highly relieved that they got rid of it all and highly recommend their mold removal and remediation, as well as their mold prevention tips.”

Diana Mani


“I called First Choice Restoration to assist with water removal and water damage repair when I was housesitting for my uncle. He is not an easy man to please, so I was very happy with the thorough job they did in removing all traced of fetid flood water from the first floor and basement of the house after an unusual Sacramento winter storm.”

Paul Stevenson