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We are Sacramento’s “First Choice” for certified flood disaster recovery. We are also highly regarded mold removal specialists. We offer a range of flood & water damage repair services and are also trained to undertake specialist removal and treatment of all types of mold growth and infestations.

First Choice Restoration is pleased to offer you the following services:


First Choice Restoration is a certified water damage remediation company. Do not trust anyone other than a professional to remove excess/flood water from your property. That’s because water removed improperly by the untrained often causes further problems down the line such as mold, rotting wood, mildew and rising damp. After the fact, these are expensive to rectify and, as they say, prevention is cheaper and better than the cure.

How can First Choice Restoration help you? Our technicians will arrive at your home or office after the event of a flood or event resulting in significant water damage. They will pump out and remove all traces of flood water so that the conditions will not be ideal for the growth of mold and the build-up of rising damp. They will also rescue and remodel furniture and possessions as far as possible.

Water Damage Services:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Water Removal
  • Water in Basement
  • Flood Damage Restoration
  • Water Extraction

Water Damage Restoration

When flooding disasters occur in the home, the initial scramble is to get all the moisture in the home ventilated and completely dried out. This is why 911 Sacramento is ready and willing to respond to a call for assistance with flooding and water damage restoration 24 hours a day. Our highly trained team of experts will bring along the best tools in the industry: dehumidifiers, fans, vacuums, and moisture meters. But even when all the water has finally been eliminated and your home is dry again, the task isn’t over. Water damage restoration includes the necessary services of inspecting the home for structural integrity and health conditions. Our professional services can make sure that any structural damages or mold contaminations are dealt with efficiently and in the highest quality fashion. We can help to repair walls, replace drywall, replace carpeting, and clean up surfaces and furnishings that might be contaminated by filthy water, especially in the case of sewage flooding. If you are victim to water damage, call for 911 Sacramento immediately and we’ll help restore your home to being a haven of comfort.

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