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Sacramento water damage Removal & water Repair Services

Water Damage is what’s left behind after your home, office or warehouse has been deluged with flood water caused by a burst pipe, accident or adverse weather.  Our Water Damage Services in Sacramento, CA include:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Water Removal
  • Water in Basement
  • Flood Damage Restoration
  • Water Extraction
  • Flood Cleanup
  • Water Fire Damage
  • Water Remediation
  • Wood Flood Water Damage
  • Flooded Carpet
  • Ceiling Water Damage

Most homes and businesses do not have open drainage to allow flood water to dissipate by itself, and most homes have a lot of furniture and electrical items that can become targets for this water when it has nowhere else to go. The bottom line is you need to remove this stagnant water as soon as possible. The longer it remains, the greater the chance of further problems such as rising damp, structural damage and rotten wooden floorboards and building materials.

Our Water Damage Restoration services are underpinned by three words: “Clean,” “Contain,” and “Repair.” The cleaning step includes professional water extraction, using pumps and other equipment to dry out the affected areas. The containing aspect means checking the extent of damage, ensuring electrical items are safe, removing them if they pose danger and preventing further damage from occurring. The repair stage is often the hardest part, but our team of technicians is skilled at remodeling and repairing damaged items. It’s important to apply a systemic approach when dealing with water damage, and so you should only trust a professional and insured Water Damage Removal company like First Choice Restoration to restore safety and help remediate items affected by the damage water.

If your home or office in Sacramento has been affected by water damage, call us now for our professional and certified flood water removal technicians and rid your property of water, get a handle on the damage and repair what’s been caught in the floods.

Call First Choice Restoration for our Water Removal and Water Damage Restoration Specialists. We deliver an all-night service and can provide a free price estimate for your emergency.