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Water Damage Under Kitchen Sink

When you think of dangerous water damage, chances are you think of house floods or sewage floods that fill your basement, cause puddles in your crawl space, and require hours of labor to expel from your house and restore. But do you overlook the other situations where water damage might occur, but not in the way you expect? Under the sink, for example, or in the attic? Here at First Choice Restoration, we strive to help homeowners protect themselves from all forms of water damage. If there is water damage under the kitchen sink in Sacramento, you can bet our team of expert remediation technicians is ready and willing to help you out with the bad and in with the new.

Importance of Fixing Water Damage

Even if it’s not a huge crisis for your home, all forms of water damage bring with them elements of contamination that you do not need in your home. For instance, as you look under the kitchen sink, do you see warping on the floor of the cabinet? Perhaps the particle board has exploded open in some places. Do you realize that means you literally have something rotting in your home and you’re just living with it? Even worse than rotting particle board, black mold is a danger to your health and the health of each person living in your home. Toxic black mold grows where it’s dark and moist (sounds a lot like a cupboard under the sink to me), and it can spread quickly, infesting entire rooms or your entire home if it isn’t treated. If there is any sign of mold, do not attempt this repair on your own. Our technicians wear protective gear and are trained to contain the contaminants.

How We’ll Help

Calling in the professionals doesn’t need to be an intimidating prospect. We’re committed to quick work and fair prices. When we come into your home, we’re concerned with one thing: making sure your home is safe and sound for you and your family. Fixing water damage under the kitchen sink is easy enough; we’ll remove old wood and put in new, cleaning out any mold and filth while we’re at it. We’ll also happily inspect other areas of concern and make sure that your home environment remains welcoming and safe. So don’t overlook the water under the sink just because it seems small- keep it small; call for professional help from First Choice Restoration.