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Water is undoubtedly one of the fiercest forces of nature. Recognizing its strength, mankind has been trying to harness it since days of old. However, water does not always bend to the will of man and can sometimes cause serious damage. Such is the case with water damages under wood floors. Surprisingly, this hazard is quite common in Sacramento.

What are the dangers of water damages under wood floors?

Water can cause extensive damage, especially when inflicting susceptible materials such as wood. This can result in several outcomes that can include:

Unpleasant odors: putting it in laymen’s terms: water plus wood equals decay, which in turns equals malodor. It may start as a slightly unpleasant smell, but will probably quickly grow into an unbearable stench.

Grave danger of collapse: prolonged exposure of wood to water renders it weak and easily collapsible. Wood floors usually have some leeway beneath them which makes it even more perilous. Besides damage to your property and possessions, other people could actually get seriously hurt.

What should I do in such cases?

Upon detecting signs of such damages you should immediately and without delay contact a professional company dedicated to the successful treatment of such ordeals. First Choice Restoration is indeed Sacramento’s first choice in all matters pertaining to water damages. We hire only certified, trained, and experienced technicians, so you’ll get the best possible service and the most thorough and comprehensive solutions. Since time is of the essence in such cases we’re available 24/7.

First Choice Sacramento – leaving water damages hanging high and dry

Let us do what we’re best at – permanently, extensively, professionally, and quickly taking care of water damages while specializing in wood floors. Contact us and kiss your water damages goodbye!