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Flood Damage

First Choice Restoration has been working in the Sacramento area for years, enthusiastically bringing our experience and knowledge to work for you and your family when disaster hits. It is our prerogative to help homeowners in Sacramento defend their home and property from damage that flooding, mold, fires, and other disasters might bring. If you have ever been the victim of flooding, you know the overwhelming trouble that restoration can be. With one call our team will help you, from the initial water removal through the flood damage restoration. And we’ll make sure your house remains your home!

Flood damage can be severe, but it is avoidable. Caused by allowing standing water to remain in your home for too long, you can see it penetrate through the materials of your home and leave its terrible marks behind. Drywall will become spongy and insulation will become soaked, then useless when dried. Carpet becomes saturated and left matted. The carpet padding will also be damaged and can often become contaminated, as it is hard to dry completely. And the list goes on: from paint to possessions, flood damage is nasty! Our team of experts at First Choice Restoration wants to help you avoid this at all costs!

When you discover standing water in your home, the best thing you can do is call for professional help IMMEDIATELY! We’ll be on our way to you in an instant with all the pumps, vacuums, fans, dehumidifiers, moisture meters, and protective equipment we could possibly need to get the water out and your home back to order. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and customize our plan of attack. Here at First Choice Restoration, YOU are our first choice! We want to make sure that you get the attention and assistance you need. We’ll dry your home, fix your floors, walls, and insulation, and we’ll help you monitor for mold as the weeks go on, making sure your home remains safe and comfortable for you and yours.